West brothel casual fling Victoria

west  brothel casual fling Victoria

I guess that, whilst we have no idea to what extent these are empty boasts, we can infer from them that casual sex must have happened to some degree? Is the [oc] in "h[oc]" eroded away, or did the Romans use abbreviations for common words the same way we do in text messaging? The Romans did use abbreviations quite a lot in their epigraphy which makes reading inscriptions different than reading literature , but the abbreviations were generally pretty predictable such as "DM" for "Dis Manibus" - to the shades of the underworld - on graves.

Here's an interesting link: Here's on online source with the same kind of stuff: Floronius, privileged soldier of the 7th legion, was here. The women did not know of his presence. Only six women came to know, too few for such a stallion.

Latin is a verb last language that feels very non-englishly when converted. It could be that the translations on the website are taken from an earlier source. During the 19th and the better part of the 20th centuries, translators would often tone down the actual meaning of Latin texts and inscriptions. For instance, the verb cacare would often be translated as "defecate," but it is meant as a vulgar word- so "shit" is a much more accurate translation.

I didn't mean to imply that the chart was correct, as I didn't check the methodology, I just meant that it shows variance. There are plenty of other ways of showing it, such as condom sales. I really like this answer, thank you. I like it because the purely mechanistic explanation of humanity or pseudo-Dawin as I think of it seems to taken such a monstrous foothold, and you answer and the sort of thinking your answer supports goes far beyond the 'omg u r just chemicasl' BS I see everywhere.

Well, yes, that's true. That's what slaves and brothels - as you mention - always staffed by slave women - as you don't were for. The elaborate courtship rituals described in Ovid's Ars Amatoria and other works are part of a relatively small subculture of young Roman upper-class males, jaded men who had grown bored with fucking frightened, enslaved, submissive women - their wives included in this category - and wanted to play a game made more enticing by the possibility of failure.

The idea that Roman men did not 'do' casual sex, as you seem to suggest, is somewhat off. The women discussed as targets in Ovid's work - and in the rest of Latin elegy - tend to be high-class prostitutes, either freedwomen or slaves.

Ovid insists in his Tristia that he never discussed or promoted actual adultery that is, the pursuit of married Roman citizen women. So how voluntary the Ovidian sexual game is is also an open question I didn't mention this specifically because it isn't known. The role of slavery in Roman society is the source of as much warrantless speculation with meritless confidence as any topic in the study of history.

We just don't know much of the details of the running of a brothel, and even if they are all slaves, there is no reason to assume that they were all "cowering, enslaved, submissive" women. Japanese geishas and Chinese courtesans, for whom we have ample evidence, were of, let's just say, complex legal status, yet they were in no way "frightened, enslaved, submissive women".

Nor would I feel comfortable using that descriptor on Roman wives. And I did say that "prostitutes were a part of everyday life", but I felt that the question was not about prostitution. Isn't there evidence of an Emperor's wife secretly moonlighting at one because she enjoyed it? Ha, the story is way more ridiculous. Pliny says that Claudius' wife Messalina was so "promiscuous" that she organized a competition between herself and the most famous prostitute in the city to see who could have sex more times before giving out.

She won at twenty five times in the space of a day. But I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the historians found a way to slip a brothel in her story somehow. Valeria Messalina, wife of Claudius - and given the propensity of Roman historians to repeat anti-Imperial gossip as fact, I'd be dubious about those stories.

Theodora, wife of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I, was essentially a stripper and may, or may not, have performed sexual acts as well. I was under the impression Geishas weren't prostitutes though at least in the same way Roman orgies weren't orgies.

Sex might have happened, but that wasn't the point. Might there be other examples where the women were not "cowering, enslaved, submissive" but the specific point of visiting them was for sex? Furthermore, you say we just don't know, but how certain are we of any of the sexual habits of ancient or even modern foreign cultures.

I mean sex particularly outside of marriage or other cultural norms is generally considered taboo. I realize for the most part for historians all we have to go on is what is written, but is there any evidence I'm not sure in what form that more might have been going on than was written about?

Isn't honest question, I am not a big history buff a big part of the study of history being skeptical of written documents and trying to determine if they might have any ulterior motives or biases? Is there any evidence or arguments that more might have been going on than what was written about? Is this just a big unknown or do we have some educated guesses? To describe geisha as prostitutes is wrong, but to describe them as not prostitutes is also kind of wrong.

Their role certainly went beyond "insert coin, receive sex", but they were deeply tied to notions of their sexuality. Sex being taboo is a pretty modern notion.

The poet Catullus has multiple poems dedicated to his penis, Ovid wrote a hilarious bit on sexual positions for women, artwork was filled with sexuality and nudity, the historians talk about sex all the time--in general, sexuality did not disturb the ancients in the same way it disturbed, say, the nineteenth century British.

I meant sexual deviance within cultural norms being taboo. Was bestiality ever not Taboo? What about incest as in parents-children-siblings, not cousins? In theory a culture might consider graphic depictions of sex with a upper class woman perfect dinner conversation, but sex with a slave, animal, or close relative not appropriate to discuss. Or you could take sex out of it all together, maybe a culture considers all forms of sex as nothing to be ashamed of, but considers yawning, looking to the east, or doing jumping jacks unspeakable acts.

The point is all cultures have some taboos, regardless as to wether they are sexual or not. Might sex with slaves, prostitutes, animals, etc. Where as penis's and sexual positions were not part of those taboos. I mean with incest there is the classic Oedipus example of it being written about in a discouraging fashion.

I take it there are no similar examples for other sexual practices? Incest was certainly taboo, as you can see in Oedipus and numerous other examples Apollonius of Tyre being another example. I'm honestly not certain what you are getting at. Are you saying casual sex wasn't talked about, and thus may have been happening all the time but not written about?

But taboo thing are written about all the time because moralists use them as evidence that society is declining. Time to indulge in a bit of minutiae: I have read a book on the subject of Roman sexual culture in which the author makes a case for what was considered taboo. He concludes that, as a male,. Keep in mind though that, like so many other things in Roman history, this comes from the viewpoint of the upper-crust. My guess is that these practices were not so frowned upon in the lower parts of society.

Well, I was just asking if there were any other sexual taboos other than incest and bestiality in general , and sex with household slaves or slaves or prostitutes in brothels in particular. You say that stuff wasn't written about much, but is there any writing or sculptures, etc. I mean, I think roman slaves weren't written about much in general. Was that because it was looked down upon, or seen as so mundane as to be not worth discussing, or as I think based on my limited knowledge looked down upon by a small minority but seen as mundane by the majority.

Are there similar sexual taboos involve slaves or not , that might be looked down upon by a small minority unlike incest which I imagine would have been looked down upon by the majority , but ignored in the majority of writing. I admit that Roman sexual slavery is a But geishas and Chinese courtesans - highly educated, cultured and cultivated, experts at pleasing men intellectually as well as physically - are paralleled by the high-class courtesans in Rome, imported from the Hellenistic world, whom the elite Roman males pursued and competed over, not the ordinary run of female slaves.

I'll admit that we don't technically know the status of the women who staffed the brothels. But that slaves were compelled to be sexually accessible to their masters - compelled by definition: My issue with describing prostitutes as slaves is that it is part of a broader tendency to describe virtually every vaguely unpleasant job in the Roman world as being performed by slaves.

But were conditions in a Roman mine worse than nineteenth century Newcastle or modern Chinese coal mines, the conditions of a Roman farm laborer worse than immigrant laborers in the American southwest, and Roman brothels worse than those in Victorian England?

People are too willing to take the description of a "slave society" as a starting proposition without really analyzing the term and what it actually meant in quotidian terms. Anyway, my issue with your post wasn't the minutiae of legal status, but a blanket application of broad, societal power dynamics to individual relationships.

I would argue that social power dynamics inform upon individual relations rather than dictating them, and applying broad descriptors in that manner serves to disguise the diverse mosaic of individual experiences.

This is why I dislike the description of sexual women who were not high class prostitutes as being "cowering, enslaved, submissive": For example, Thomas Jefferson did own Sally Hemings, but to describe their relationship in those terms is completely incorrect, and the racial factor meant the power differential between Jefferson and Hemings was much larger than between a Roman master and slave.

This is not to say that generalizations are always bad, but your post was using what I feel is unwarranted specificity, especially when we aren't entirely sure how sexual relations of this sort functioned within Roman society--a quibble, perhaps, but there you have it. This is not to say that I disagree with your general point, because I certainly do not.

It is undeniable that Catullus, Ovid, etc were looking for more than simple sexual intercourse. Your paragraph about prostitution is quite interesting. XIXth century France was quitte similar. About prostitution in Roman days. Since there was no birth control, how did prostitutes deal with the inevitable: Was there some kind of abortion or birth control?

Or did they just have to have the baby? And then if they did have the baby, did they keep it? Sorry if this isn't the right place, or is too complicated to answer. I used wikipedia as a fast source, if need be I can find something more scholarly edit added wiki explanation.

Sorry to interrupt your answer, but I have a question. What's a good journal article to read about Tacitus' bias and editorializing in his works? Honestly, your best bet would be to read the introduction of a translation. Broad topics like that aren't generally covered in papers.

To supplement your observations about prostitution among the Romans, Cato the Elder is said to have encouraged a young man to go to visit a prostitute to relieve his sexual urges, but also cautioned him not to go too much and to be discrete.

Well, I can't quite say much about heterosexual casual sex during World War II, but I can remark on homosexual casual sex in the era, referencing two very fascinating books. Coming Out Under Fire remarks with incredible detail the opportunities that World War II provided young Americans to discover their sexuality and encounter other likewise-oriented people.

Most of the book follows homosexual men, but a few significant chapters focus on women in the Women's Army Corps. Berube moves through basic training all the way to the combat zone, and shows that homosexual acts happened at every step along the way. He states that in basic: But increasingly, as training went by, men found themselves more often in secluded situations with each other. I think four of us had the same idea when we got on the train.

We just rushed for those compartments and all of us were gay. So it was something that night when we closed that door. The Straight State is definitely less positive about World War II for gay men, and it covers three distinct themes immigration, the military, and welfare in two eras of American history.

Canaday makes it clear that lesbian women, their relationships, and their acts were not a priority to the state, who regulated them very little but kept a very watchful eye on them at points. In terms of the military, the state implemented an increasingly intense series of policies aimed to keep homosexual men out of the military service and World War I and World War II. However, Canaday shows very clearly that scandals emerged in both wars, as young men did experiment with each other sexually both in training and overseas, and that the state responded harshly to these events by removing them from service and stripping them of their rights by giving them a "blue discharge" which disallowed them any benefits from the G.

The excessive amount of transient men who wandered the country post-WW1 led to the development of the G. Bill, which, as one reviewer has put it, was and is "the most massive federal welfare program in U. That isn't to say that casual homosexual sex didn't occur during World War II - Allan Berube's book proves that it did - but it does suggest that homosexual sex during this time period was quite risky.

I don't mean to leave out lesbians and their casual sex, but both Berube and Canaday admit rather despondently there is a decided lack of sources regarding lesbian subculture during World War II. There were scandals, of course, especially in W.

Only so many were given blue discharges, and few left the military service with the stigma of homosexuality. Possibly a great deal of lesbian casual sex occurred during World War II due to the opportunities of sex segregation, but this has been less apparent in the archives than the homosexual male counterpart. Superb post, thank you. Also, the reviewer's points about the GI Bill provide an interesting perspective as a starting point for interpreting the Bill's impact. I'm curious how much this term has entered the vernacular and you're clearly read on the general subject.

A History of Transexuality in the United States, but since it was published in ,"cis" did not exist yet. It is hard to give specifics in things like this because sex has often been a taboo subject and so even if casual sex were common, nobody may write that down. From my own area of expertise, one of the deciding factors was class and wealth. The more wealthy were concerned with being a gentleman or a lady and the scores of books written on the subject seem to imply that casual sex was heavily frowned upon however it was generally accepted that men had sexual urges while women didn't.

These ideas wouldn't apply to lower income people, but for many their religions would hinder this. Then again- humans are always human so the urges would still be there. Prostitution in the U.

Add in the fact that alcohol consumption was probably pretty high and I'd say casual sex in 19th century America was almost as common as it is today. However this wouldn't apply to homosexuals, unfortunately, since sodomy and the female equivalent given various names were often illegal and very much against societal norms of the time. That isn't to say homosexuals weren't having sex, they were, it just would have been riskier. For the record, further back towards the middle ages women were thought of as the more frisky sex the idea of Eve being seduced and seducing in the garden of Eden was used to support the notion.

People too often tend to think that the further back you go in the past, it just linearly becomes a more extreme version of the recent past, going the opposite direction of whatever current trend we have. But that is just the Christian world, right? Do you know how it was in other regions, China for example? I can only surmise that the importance of Confucian concepts, everybody fitting into proper roles, was not making it easier in comparison.

In 18th century England there were also " Molly Houses " which were sort of gay houses that men looking to have sex with other men and men looking to cross dress hung out. Sometimes they would sit in one anothers Laps, kissing in a leud Manner, and using their Hand[s] indecently. Then they would get up, Dance and make Curtsies, and mimick the Voices of Women.

The Door of that Room was kept by —— Eccleston, who used to stand pimp for 'em to prevent any Body from disturbing them in their Diversions. When they came out, they used to brag, in plain Terms, of what they had been doing.

As for the Prisoner, she was present all the Time, except when she went out to fetch Liquors. Derwin brag'd how he had baffled the Link-boy's Evidence; and the Prisoner at the same Time boasted that what she had sworn before Sir George in Derwin's Behalf, was a great Means of bringing him off [i.

I went to the same House on two or three Sunday Nights following, and found much the same Practices as before. The Company talk'd all manner of gross and vile Obscenity in the Prisoner's hearing, and she appear'd to be wonderfully pleas'd with it.

What I find fascinating is that with the advent of the internet, we now have the most and least accurate data on sex ever. But those discussions are constrained by massive selection bias - only those willing to talk about their sex life do so. And there is no way to know how many of those participants are being honest. I wonder how this will change research in the future. Historians will have an unprecedented access to the thoughts, issues, and musings of an unprecedented number of people.

And very little of that can be authenticated in any way. When a solider wrote a letter home from war, one can assume that it's probably legitimate.

When an anonymous discussion on sex happens on the internet, that's not quite as true anymore. We'll have a thousand tweets from a warzone, but all of ten of them will be possible to verify as being legitimate. The internet is definitely going to challenge the established methods of historians.

Of that I am sure. I'm fascinated to see how it ends up working out. My understanding is the rhythm method was used extensively. Also, humans have had anti-pregnancy methods for centuries. It is said that Cassanova would present his lovers with a half-lemon cap for the cervix, both to physically block sperm transit and for the acidity to kill sperm. Further, abortions have long been practiced, though illegally. Numerous herbs are known to cause spontaneous miscarriage, such as Pennyroyal at high doses and Blue Cohosh.

Common Rue, in high doses, acts as our modern Plan B does- preventing implantation into the uterine lining. Even cotton bark can be consumed to interfere with hormonal activity associated with the corpus luteum preparation. Queen Anne's lace seeds block progesterone synthesis, acting as a "natural" hormonal birth control though with potentially life-threatening side effects. So many herbal preparations were used as abortifacient or as hormonal control to prevent implantation.

If I recall correctly, mercury was used in China to prevent pregnancy. I adore the history of medicine, but unfortunately, cannot point you to a single source on the subject.

My knowledge has been pulled from a couple classes and lots of random books. Descriptions of brothels in books I've read frequently refer to the children running underfoot. Also there was both abortion and infanticide both active and passive.

In Brothels trick babies were if not common than at least well known. Not to mention both pre and post pubescent child whores. But between, rythem, tonics taken daily or monthly to help bring on the period and sterility caused by STDS children were less of a problem than we might think.

As an aside, how has sex as a biological requirement become taboo? That actually brings up a good point. In the 19th century you can find plenty of primary documents concerning other animal sexual behavior, but not much on human sexual behavior. The Victorian medical guides that discuss human sex are pretty funny, but not very enlightening since there weren't sex studies or surveys conducted.

They assume, as I said above, that women had no sex drives. We know that this is, biologically speaking, not the case. And to clarify I'm saying that if you're looking for primary documents that say "this is how common casual sex is"- you will be hard pressed to find anything.

There are plenty of ancient writings and some more modern writings on sex. But they're more concerning love or how to have sex correctly, according to the author. There were no surveys asking "how many sexual partners have you had in the past 12 months," etc. Do we know at what point women started to be treated for 'hysteria'? This has been discussed as women who, basically, have sexual urges.

Going to the Dr. I believe it goes back at least to ancient Greece- as indicated in this article about Freud's case study in hysteria: But you're right- the idea was that female sexual urges were a disorder. I don't know about manual stimulation Freud thought you could cure it with psychoanalysis, I believe. It would be common sense that different ideas would appeal to different people. You might want to check out 'Cannibals and Kings' by Marvin Harris. Basically, what it comes down to is the need for people in agrarian societies to keep their birthrate down so their population doesn't outstrip their food supply.

He argues that humans in hunter-gatherer bands don't have quite the same sexual taboos as people from agrarian societies because their diet and lifestyle result in very different patterns of fertility for their women.

Women in hunter-gatherer bands are really only capable of bearing a child every four or five years, on average. The means sex carries a much lower risk of reproduction for them than it does for women in agrarian societies, who are typically capable of bearing a child every two years.

The biological requirement for sex isn't to have a good time. Biologically, sex is for reproducing and passing along genes.

Let's look at lions, for example. Lionesses and females of most species have one goal in reproduction: In order to make that happen, they mate with the strongest lion around, because they know that lion will also have good genetic traits and will keep the cubs safe. Meanwhile, lions also want to pass on their genes, so they work hard to become the strongest around so they can get all the ladies and have as many offspring as possible.

This gets so competitive that sometimes a dominant male lion who is new to the neighborhood will mate with a lioness AND kill that lionesses' cubs, to make sure his competitor gets screwed. Sex as a purely biological requirement has honestly never been taboo in humans except in small populations like monks, nuns, Shakers, etc.

Have sex, have kids, pass on those genes. Unlike lions, though, we try to mate for life, like penguins and swans. Also we don't kill kids. Oh and thanks for your post, I'm certain you're correct. I do know that the Union Army required prostitutes in the city of Nashville to be licensed and restricted them to certain areas of the town. Circumstances were definitely unusual due to the war, but I think the attitude of the Army in licensing the women rather than banning prostitution might shed some light on how sex was viewed.

More information here , and here. Records are not as accurate for black soldiers or the Confederate soldiers.

If a gentleman was so inclined he could purchase guide books giving him locations and ratings of brothels in various cities. You can read about some New York brothels here. Scans of one such guide can be found here. Such things lead me to agree with unwarrantedadvice. This isn't an area that I've studied in any detail, so I can't give any kind of definitive answer--just a few things I've picked up here and there while studying other things. Just what I was saying about prostitution - if you consider that casual sex.

I don't really know how common casual sex is today so it is all just speculation. There most likely wasn't more casual sex in the 19th century than today. But I've never looked into it in depth. The more wealthy were concerned with being a gentleman or a lady and the scores of books written on the subject seem to imply that casual sex was heavily frowned upon.

Gentlemen and -women, especially in France, had lovers and it was considered commonplace. The mistress of the king was more or less an official position at court, which had responsibilities other than just schtupping the king. Madame de Pompadour was something like a diplomatic official in charge of entertaining visiting foreign ambassadors, and would act in and direct weekly plays for the king's amusement.

Not just in the United States. Thomas Aquinas considered it akin to a sewer system in a palace - disagreeable, but something that keeps the filth from overflowing, so to speak.

The Catholic Church agreed, and ran brothels in London for several centuries, under royal charter. I thought I was clear that I was talking about 19th century U. S, if not I apologize.

Also having a lover is not necessarily the same as 'casual sex' which I take to mean something like a one night stand. You're speaking of adultery which is a whole other story. From my knowledge your post is accurate, up until when you speak about homosexuality. The ideas of "homosexual," and "heterosexual" did not come about until the 's. Also, during the Renaissance and throughout much of the 's, [some] men in intellectual circles were looked down upon if they had not had homosexual encounters.

It did not become [so] taboo until the advent of the label. As for your assertion about the Renaissance and "much of the 's" - I'm not sure where you've gotten that idea from, and I'd love to see sources. From what I know about American history, sodomy and its female equivalent have long been illegal, since early colonial times.

The punishment for these acts were the same for adultery and rape at many points in American history Intimate Matters, page 11, Men and women convicted of such acts could face whipping and monetary fines as well as banishment from the colony. In some areas, sodomy carried the death penalty Intimate Matters, page These convictions apparently declined by the mid-to-late 18th century, however. In the 19th century, Americans continued to condemn sodomy a term which included anal sex between men but also masturbation and oral sex.

Throughout the s, legal concerns replaced spiritual concerns, as religious issues about nonprocreative sex shifted to concerns about the natural order of things. Towards the end of the century, around the s and continuing well into the early 20th century, doctors began considering homosexuality a form of "congenital inversion" and "perversion. Great comment, and thank you for finding one of the sources I need.

I am trying to find other sources from the classes in which I learned this information but, because I graduated last year, much has been taken down! I am still looking. You are talking about homosexuality in America during this time, whereas I am much more referring to the culture in Europe. During the Renaissance there was widespread disenchantment with religion, more importantly the church, and aside from homosexuality being a general part of the intellectual lifestyle, I would love to find this story I remember of a French philosopher who fell out of favor in the community for his refusal to engage in such acts.

To be homosexual was characteristic of being internally conflicted, internal struggle, which at the time symbolized intellectual and emotional depth. Men who were completely straight would even feign homosexual tendencies to gain respect.

I do not pretend expertise in American history. Aside from the Renaissance, I can speak confidently of ancient Greece and Rome, where the relationship between a lover and loved one was the most pure and highest symbioses of the time. This relationship being between an elderly wise man, and a typically beautiful young man.

The lover is the elder, the loved one the youth. This love is Eros, if I remember correctly. If you want to read a great philosophical work, and my favorite book, Plato's Symposium , is about this relationship and love in general, and is quite short though it takes time to read well. I certainly agree about Greece and Rome, but I haven't heard very much about what you're saying about the Renaissance. So actually, just now, I decided to wander off and I found Homophobia: A History by Byrne Fone.

Fone describes what you're saying - that "some Renaissance literature eroticized friendship between males, often described as 'masculine love'" and that certain areas like Florence had intense homosexual subcutlures. But he argues just as firmly saying that a strong "antisodomy discourse" manifested during the Renaissance, and many "sodomites" were persecuted and executed.

This makes sense in a way, because as the Renaissance turned into the Enlightenment and went into the 17th and 18th century, when Fone argues Protestantism began to condemn sodomy as a sin and pushed states to punish sodomy as a crime, I find that the folks who fled to America share the same anti-homosexual values and stances because they're from an anti-homosexual culture!

Fone also remarks, "Convictions of sodomites increased yet again; between and , homophobia turned into hysteria, as sodomites were arrested, tried, and, more often than ever before, executed" Fone, So while I agree that certain areas and subcultures were pro-homosexual during the Renaissance, I also believe Fone when he points out there are two very strong discourses about homosexual acts in the era and that the anti-sodomy one wins out.

As a sidenote, Intimate Matters is just a wonderful book. You are the source master. Does he differentiate which social classes were prosecuting and which proliferating homosexuality? I imagine there were many factors which separated an individual from the other group, religion being a huge one, but perhaps more subtle ideologies account for much of the rest.

Which types of homosexuals were arrested? I would think those from various circles would experience varying degrees of persecution from their peers.

Perhaps your source doesn't go into much depth as it seems to focus on American history. I was talking about specifically 19th century 's America. I thought I made that clear. Apologies if I did not. And while there were times when, what we would call, homosexuality was accepted- there were also times between the Renaissance and the 's when men were executed for homosexual activity in Europe.

My point was that it is, thankfully, much more accepted now although we still have a long way to go, of course. My mother was a love child in post WW II "holy catholic Ireland" - my grandfather was in the army, the 2nd youngest of 10, granny was in service a maid and the eldest of They were no longer in touch and Grandad was seeing someone new when granny found out she was pregnant.

She only had his name. Her employer contacted the army and they gave him two well three options: He chose the latter.

My mother only found this out after my grandmother died. She didn't believe it - granny was a decades-of-the-rosary, mass every day, four priests at her funeral sort of catholic.

Grandad softened the blow by telling mum about how many other instances of premarital sex occurred - basically other uncles, aunts, cousins etc. It didn't sound endemic, but it sounded common. So here's my askhistorians question: If so, could records of such payments from old salary records be used as a proxy for guesstimating a rate of premarital sex?

Could digitized birth and marriage certificates be used to identify say six month or less gaps between wedding-with-a-bump and first baby? I realize this is just relating to premarital sex, but at least with granny and grandad there is a hint of casualness - she only knew his name and job, not where he lived. I heard about a study that found that a surprisingly high number of kids in Ireland don't match the DNA of their father. I am curious if anyone has that reference.

When Paul Revere married his first wife Sarah Orne she was pregnant the baby came 8 months after the marriage. David Hackett Fischer says that this was a common occurrence at the time s or so and place New England. Apparently this wasn't exactly casual sex, but a philosophy that it was not immoral to have sex as long as you were engaged. Cohabitation was also apparently quite common in both North and South during the early to mid 18th centuries with preachers being upset at the state of affairs and also upset that nobody seemed to care.

A man named John Miller traveled through New England at the beginning of the 18th century and was appalled at how many people cohabitated. He reported that people would live together for a period of time and then break up without any sense of moral wrong. He also saw that pre-marital sex among engaged couples was quite common.

There's a letter from a man named John Updike who wrote to the Anglican Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, and he claimed that the people of North Carolina were among the most notorious prolifigates on earth. Pre-marital sex was common, cohabitation was common, and often he found that newly arrived immigrants had abandoned spouses and were committing adultery.

Another Anglican minister wrote that "polygamy was common, concubinage general, and bastardy of no disrepute". I especially like how historians here point out the difficulty of there not being a lot in the written record for what might be viewed as illicit activities, with all the cautions we in our age should recognize. Anyone care to do the same for casual sex incidences between same-sex partners? I'm also assuming uh oh that, in regards the OP's curiosity about the s, that it was more or less like pre-Stonewall activities.

Is this a reasonable assumption? And, I also know that the vast majority of surviving documents concerned the wealthy, but what of the non-elites? It seems even recently WWII era Britain and below , the wink-and-nod attitude towards same-sex activities during one's youth in say, boarding schools for the elites — contrasted with the draconian rules against same-sex activities done by adults — suggests a shifting set of rules.

Well, and rank hypocrisy. And related to this last point: If you haven't seen it, tinyshadow's root comment in this same post goes into the history of same sex casual sex during the World Wars a fair deal.

Thanks for the head's up. TinyShadow's post is fantastic. Ours must have crossed the transom as we were typing them. Any experts on women's roles, desires and whether these were accurately recorded in the historical record?

I can't give a great deal of information on this as I tend to focus on things that are military, but here are a few things I've come across. I know that at James Henry Hammond had a same sex relationship early in his life. He also had a sexual relationship with his nieces Hammond would serve as governor of South Carolina and as a Senator for South Carolina.

George McDuffie may have also had a same-sex relationship early in his life. McDuffie would also serve as governor of South Carolina. Augustus Baldwin Longstreet wrote a collection of short stories that was extremely popular in the South for many years. The collection was titled Georgia Scenes , and included one story about a same-sex marriage.

The narrator eavesdrops on the women's conversation as they try to figure out how the two men could have had a family together, and at the end it's revealed that "They were both widowers before they fell in love with each other and got married".

Longstreet had a relationship with McDuffie who was a boarder of his mother's. He formed a deep friendship with him and looked on McDuffie as a sort of mentor.

He would later write "chance threw me under the same roof, and choice into the same bed, with George McDuffie". Sex in the Civil War by Thomas Power Lowry the author quotes a Richmond newspaper as deploring the openness of prostitutes ". Lowry also quotes Whitman's diary where Whitman lists four homosexual encounters with recuperating soldiers in the space of two months. There are court martial records for Civil War sailors who were charged with various homosexual acts.

Also during the Civil War all-male balls were somewhat common, and I find it hard to believe that nothing happened after the dancing stopped. There's this bit from a letter from an Oscar Cram of the Eleventh Massachusetts to someone named Ellen. I know I slept with mine. Sex between Men before Homosexuality pg My view of sexuality comes through art and music.

As well as cashing in on the prostitution contacts he had made while serving as an officer, his earliest forays into the world of brothels coincided with the arrival of the internet which, almost overnight, transformed the sex trade, making it easy for punters and brothels to connect online. These included champagne-fuelled orgies and a dungeon filled with torture equipment and sex toys at a property sandwiched between a church and a care home — despite the outrage of residents.

Exposed by a Sunday newspaper in , Evanson boasted: Some of our clients say we provide a five-star service. In , a year-old man died of a suspected heart attack after a sex session at the House of Divine in Milton Keynes.

So how has Evanson, who refused to speak to the Mail this week, managed to evade arrest? Officers will consider a range of factors, including the safety of the sex workers, before deciding whether prosecution is the most appropriate response.

The Mail also contacted the Metropolitan Police this week to ask why Evanson has never been arrested. However, their response is hardly reassuring. While police officers choose to turn a blind eye, it seems that Evanson and others like him are free to operate illegal brothels - laughing in the face of the law while raking in thousands thanks to the women selling their bodies in soulless rented flats.

Prostitution is not wholly illegal in the UK, but many activities surrounding it are deemed unlawful, including keeping or managing a brothel. According to the law, one prostitute may work from an indoor premises but if there are two or more prostitutes the place is considered a brothel and it is an offence.

The owner of Louise's brothel, Karl, says he operates in full knowledge of the authorities, and claims they are willing to let him continue as long as the women are in a safe environment. It is thought that some councils will turn a blind eye to a parlour to help keep sex workers off the street. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

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West brothel casual fling Victoria Hera Cook, for example, argues that women in 19th century England were refusing to have sex if they couldn't financially support the children. According to the book Dragoons about a Canadian unit deployed in the Second World War over half of the men brought over were hospitalized for some form of STD before they had even seen combat. Whilst a bastard was looked down upon within the poorer classes as he was seen as a drain on resources, in the upper classes visiting brothels, whorehouses and the like, this is exemplified by Samuel Johnson, a high Anglican Tory: Longstreet had a relationship with McDuffie who was a boarder of his mother's. My mother only found this out after my grandmother died. Asian women have soft skin, soft hair, beautiful facial features and amazingly sexy bodies.
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