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But the sea of rejection and STDs that is singledom can be pretty depressing too. So for those of you who are keen to indulge in a spot of penis-hunting, I have outlined some of my top tips for picking up in the sausage fest that is nightlife. Throw a white lace dress over a black bra or team a Joy Division tee with black tights — bonus points for each easy-access hole you rip. Studies show that men find red the most approachable colour because they feel scarlet women are less likely to reject them.

Finally, make sure you douse yourself in enough perfume to mask the smell of desperation. Asking a man to borrow one is often the beginning of a long and intense relationship.

Cash-wise, always make a point of taking enough for two cabs and the morning-after pill. Where to Go If you have a target male in mind, religiously refresh his Twitter and Facebook wall until you can work out his itinerary.

And by pick up, I mean Chlamydia. Plus, accents make even the ugliest boys rootable. Look at Prince William and Pete Doherty. Linger at the bar coquettishly flicking your eyes between the cocktail menu and the cock around you until someone takes notice.

When a drink offer comes, hesitate and pretend to reach for your wallet before accepting.

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