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I'm 51 to 60 looking for 31 to 40 Looking For: Contact me via my profile page ;-. I'm 41 to 50 looking for 25 to 30 Looking For: Greeley, Colorado, United States Views: I am looking for a guy to teach me about being a vers bottom. I dont trust gay men so I am looking for some bondage therapy. You are going to need to be a dominate top, I like smaller guys but who doesnt, right, that takes control.

Im into anything but blood and scat. Im pretty much a cool person to hang out with. I never have expectations so I up for anything. Bonus, I roll one hell of a blunt. I'm a male with an athletic build looking for a someone dirty. I'm respectful, so I'm looking for someone who's willing to talk dirty.

The dirtier the better. I'm 25 to 30 looking for 18 to 24 Looking For: Lennox, California, United States Views: Wanna feel a dick in my mouth and hopefully 1 up my ass. I'm 25 to 30 looking for 51 to 60 Looking For: Moms make me horny love to talk dirty do you want to play and pkay around mom son time.

I'm 61 and up looking for 51 to 60 Looking For: Talisman, Florida, United States Views: I'm 41 to 50 looking for 41 to 50 Looking For: Anaheim, California, United States Views: Want some of your sweetcum after you use me as you want,But you US fuck my mouth with me up against a wall. I'm 25 to 30 looking for 61 and up Looking For: I get horny thinking of a old man sucking my dick. Im Straight but Wana mess around online old men or old and fat men wana suck me off talk dirty.

Just recently got out of a 3 year relationship and lookin for someone to help fill my needs. I have experience as a daddy dom as well. I'm naturally a dom. Looking for woman near my age or above, we'll see what I can work with. And I'm cool with almost all body types. I don't mind a bit of chub. Totally cool with being casual friends too. I'm a 19yo Hispanic male don't really look it or sound it though.

I am always full of lots of cum, the better the picture, the more I will coat them. Must provide multiple pictures for a video request. I'm 25 to 30 looking for 25 to 30 Looking For: Looking for someone to spend my lunch break with. I normally pretty hungry, and pussy and ass is the only thing thatll fill me up. NSA or regular lunch time fun.

It made me select an age bracket, but I don't mind how old you are as long as you're legal. This includes, but is not limited to: This rule includes scammers information. Do NOT try and sell an item you're selling on Craigslist here. Discussion - MegaThread Craigslist just took down all personals sections: I made great friends, FWBs, even long-term partners.

I learned about my kinks, my preferences, had an astounding number of adventures.. I'm not under any illusions that CE hadn't become an order of magnitude trashier than it had been when I used it in earnest and with frequent success, but it's.. I think CL was highly regional when it came to its usefulness.

I think going for platonic was better because there's no pressure and worst case scenario maybe you make a new friend. I feel like as I got prettier over the years as everyone kind of does -- you learn what works for you and what doesn't , my ads got less and less responses because people were more and more likely to assume I was a catfish. I can only imagine how hard it might be for people struggling with their sexuality. Craigslist was an outlet for them, as it was for me too.

It's a unique type of outlet, where people could express them self freely and anonymously. I can only hope we get it back one day The quality of CL overall is getting pretty bad.

As a full time reseller, I post regularly. While I'm sad the personals are gone I'd use it a lot to meet people , CL overall has become a cesspool. The lack of professional moderators guarantees CL will be a cesspool. Sadly, I'm not surprised. I'm not really sure what it was that caused Craigslist to slip more and more into the ghetto, though I suspect it was perhaps Backpage-related.

I think I'll sound unavoidably classist in saying this, but maybe when Backpage cracked down on the lower-class escorts that used it and they moved to CL, everyone else followed? I always sort of viewed Backpage as a trashier and worse Craigslist, but it may be a perception borne from being based in the SF Bay Area. I believe it was a few things.

Adult services got shutdown which probably pushed some of those people to Backpage and the rest to casual encounters, then when Backpage got destroyed by the feds the "sellers" just came flooding in Craigslist. And then because CL spam filtering is trash, sex workers ads started dominating that section. It was a dumpster fire, at least in my area. I had been corresponding with someone and post shutdown I quickly emailed and he still got it.

I'm pretty pissed about this. I met so many people through Craigslist and so many great experiences. It will be interesting to see what other platforms will fill the vacuum. Sniffies is positioned to grow into the m4m space. I never got banned from it though I never blatantly asked for pussy. Too bad every chick from there that wants to meet is either depressed or underage. I had to get rid of it because it began throwing up popup ads every couple of minutes.

If a gun maker can't be held liable when their gun is used in a crime, then it would seem logical that a website can't be either. This is an excellent argument. Perhaps we'll see a challenge to this law soon, in a way that forces courts to either rule a gun makers liable or b overturn the legislation. My opponent wants to change the law against child exploitation and prostitution. I don't elect me.

This sucks so bad. I literally just was emailing with the biggest MILF ever, and then it was all shut down. Goddamn this comment pumped me up. At first I was like, "nah, I don't think I do," reread the comment again and again, and now I'm all "hell yeah I do!!! If you're not kidding, you can still email her. The email relay is system wide, so it still works.

Government ruins everything it touches! Fuck all these muthafuckuhs! I'm moving out of this shitty ass country when I get the chance! What are some better alternatives?

To their defense it's one of those bills that was worded in such a way that being against it would just make you look really bad. Commenting just to commiserate. Absolute best fucking relationship. We're getting married next year. I had several really positive, fun FWB situations from personals before that. Feels like a major part of the internet just disappeared. Feels like the internet is really tightening it belt. I remeber when people where selling weed in causal hook up section.

I had lots of fun experiences on Casual Encounters, with both males and females. This is such a bummer. Anyone have any ideas for alternatives? So much for the internet being free I'm thinking that's gonna replace Craigslist. Just give everyone a few days to get situated.

For instance, all of Canada's casual encounters are still up, CL is based in US so they can't risk it, but a foreign country that doesn't have the same laws could def run a casual encounters site. I liked to browse when bored at work just to see what people were getting up to in my area. It's sad to see craigslist has absolutely no backbone at all, this isn't even a signed law yet.

We need a better alternative but even then it will take ages to get the word out to the level that craigslist is at. Prepare for the glorious migration of all the collective craigslist fucksquatches to Fetlife, Tinder, Grinder, and misc personals boards. It is not all seediness and criminal actiivity, I had some bad experiences on a few occasions, but overall, the good experiences outweighed the bad. Best place on the internet to get straight to the point of what you are looking for, be that love, a fwb, a hookup, or a missed connection, and if you so chose, it did not have to have money involved like backpage or many of the other supposed "personal" sections on sites like cl.

Can't even tell the real hookers though anymore. Every post is just a link to an empty IG page. No that got ruined too, you can only post a number as the title and no text in the actual post, only pictures. One way to eliminate a lot of fake ones is by doing a Google reserve image search.

Of course the same fake pics could be used on other sites, but you can at least know it's fake if the image is of some porn model and it's on websites and was posted as early at Ik I barely found out. I used it to hook up with others in the T4M mostly. Fetlife, Tinder and grindr are my only options now.

Wondering if this bill is gonna force tinder, okc, grindr, etc to all close too? I mean those are all well known to be places for sex workers. It'll drive them nuts. I can't stop laughing at that response.

I need to find the perfect Hannity page to post one on. I'll promise him, personally, the best knobjob of his life and send him a picture of Trump in drag!

Lol let's make them take down their own sites then they will finally realize what idiots they are. It passed in the Senate and in the house. You'd have just as much luck hooking up in CNN's comments. I guess you don't realize just as many Dems voted for this bill as Repubs did.. I know CL personals is considered the bottom of the barrel. Ive had some mild success meeting people on there More success than traditional dating sites.. I just found out. I know that Im late to the party.

That seems to be my life. Had to jump into this diccussion after reading how open and honest everyone has been. I have a great deal of Love for the CL personals. I use to think like some. That is was for the bottom of the barrels. But we are only human. We have wants and needs.

So, I started using them a little over 2 years ago. And even though there was a lot, and I mean a lot of fakes and flakes and games. I managed to meet some beautiful and great women and had a lot of good times. Some one night stands. Even 2 long relationships. Its definitely sad to see the personals gone. Those of you who had been there for a long time.

You got a lot more notches than me. I will admit Im a little jealous. Definitely wish I had discovered and started using the personals a few years earlier. But no use of crying over spilt milk. Life has a way of even-ing out. Perhaps all the prostitutes will move elsewhere and CL will bring it back when laws get changed letting free adults get paid for sex In all seriously I got all my first gay sex through CL. There is no chill gay bar by me just a young one with blaring music which is horrible.

It's interesting that other countries Casual encounters are up. Everyone just start using Toronto's casual encounters lol. I was just thinking this. I'm in Vancouver, but I like to browse the Bellingham listings because it's no biggie to pop across the border.

I figure all the Americans near the Canadian border are going to start posting in the nearest Canadian city. Was just coming here to post about this. Met my best friend on there, he and I still thank each other for not being a murderer Is the closest alternate I found. But there are very few ads or none in some sections - but I imagine that will pick up soon.

The hell you on about? It was also created by a group of Democrats. Reddit's personal sections are actually good; there may not be many people, but the vast majority ARE real people, even if they don't post their picture in their ad. Check your city or state. So many great people are still in my life because of the site. My and my BF met through CL, after we both spent many years exploring our sexuality through the site.

I know my BF will too. Is there some way we can recreate that, but avoided all the legal crap that CL would have to deal with? There enough smart people in here how hard would it be to recreate Craigslist and call it Craigslust or something silly like that. I heard of a site called https: We are working on fixing the issue!. Please come back in a litlle bit. The posting capability is still working so - POST an ad and it will go live as soon as possible!

Instead of a degrading "why has no one swiped right on me" process like tinder or yellow, where you run out of people in your area, it was a cool email function where you could anonymously tell people what you wanted to try, what you were looking for, and say a lot more about yourself to people online without scaring anyone off.

Instead of judging their looks first and running out of matches till you eventually go "well

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Casual sluts classifieds personals It's sad that it was a conservative bill that introduced. But the execution of it is absolutely moronic. Wow, the Craigslist personal sections was iconic! Everyone just start using Toronto's casual encounters lol. You should be not only yelling things like, "Your pussy feels so good on my dick" but also pay some attention to my arena game s. Fart Bud Wanted - 24 Bi dude looking for a masc. Tacoma, Washington, United States Views:
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Casual sluts classifieds personals Your Guide to Eating Butt. This means dressing the part and knowing how to appropriately do your makeup. Anyone know of any other options available? It was always a good place to go, when I just wanted a handful of replies in a short time haha. I mean those are all well known to be places for sex workers. Anybody think CL is protesting somehow? I'm in Vancouver, but I like to browse the Bellingham listings because it's no biggie to pop across the border.
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I'm 31 to 40 looking for 31 to 40 Looking For: Circumsized will be considered, but not preferred. It was free-trade for sex. I was really hoping to meet someone on. You must know your way around the game before we meet, must be open to anal sex, also able to fake an orgasm is a plus.

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