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Now, in their 40s, they take on climate change. For the last 20 years, notorious activists the Yes Men have staged outrageous and hilarious hoaxes to draw international attention to corporate crimes against humanity and the environment. They are now in their 40s, and their mid-life crises are threatening to drive them out of activism forever as they take on climate change.

Revealing the real people behind the ruses, at its heart lies a hopeful message about fighting for change. Openly gay and proudly flamboyant filmmaker Bryce Michael Sage sets out on a cross-country adventure to investigate whether or not gay men are born gay.

Are gay men born gay? This question boggles the mind of openly gay and proudly flamboyant filmmaker Bryce Michael Sage, who sets out on a cross-country adventure to uncover the truth.

This documentary takes viewers on an intimate and eye-opening journey inside the struggles and choices facing transgender kids and their families. Just a generation ago, it was adults, not kids, who changed genders. But today, many children are transitioning too, with new medical options, and at younger and younger ages. In a desperate attempt to meet their parents' expectations, Andy goes on a hunt for a lesbian woman to marry, and Cherry in search of a baby to adopt.

The father of a successful Chinese architect named Andy is worried. Andy, who lives in Shanghai, has come out of the closet and his father's overcome with shame. Cherry's mother is struggling with a similar issue because her daughter's attracted to women. The parents of both Cherry and Andy start looking for a way of covering up, and conclude that their suffering would be eased by a marriage of convenience, followed by children.

This documentary follows Andy and Cherry in their frantic efforts to find 'acceptable' partners. Their stories shed light on a nation in transition. China's modernising rapidly, but older generations are still clinging to old-fashioned values.

Maeve O'Meara and Joanna Savill continue to explore the best food around. Maeve O'Meara and Joanna Savill continue to explore the best food and produce around. In this episode, chef Romano Rotelli of Pensiero Restaurant; the Danish horn of plenty at Bonjour Patisserie; exotic mushrooms at Li-Sun Exotic Mushrooms; molecular gastronomy; and caipirhinias with Brazilian soccer stars.

Australian current affairs forum, with lively debate and powerful first-person stories. Hosted by award-winning journalist Jenny Brockie. America builds a global killing machine using data to identify and take out suspected terrorists. Once touted as the Mother Road, Route 66 is a shadow of its former self. Rick McCrank and co-pilot Frank Gerwer take the journey to find out what remains along this nostalgic pipeline. The talent arrive in Bangladesh in the middle of a four-day strike by garment workers - the streets are chaotic and violence could erupt at any time.

A group of teenagers attend weekend role-playing retreats that create a fantasy world where they can live out their dreams, make friends and improve their mental health. In Serbia, one thing has endured Communism and civil war: Each year, a soccer rivalry tears Belgrade apart, where gameplay is overshadowed by 'Ultra' fan violence.

Each year, a soccer rivalry tears Belgrade apart, where gameplay is overshadowed by "Ultra" fan violence. Lee Lin Chin talks to contemporary fashion industry specialists, such as designers, high fashion importers and even dry cleaners, and has them explain their work and their influences.

This episode is about Robert Moore and Mambo shirts, cloths that he uses as canvases to showcase his art, infused with his love of cars and rock n' roll. Robert Moore talks about his relationship with the surfing community. Lee Lin Chin talks to Sydney-based designer, Gabriel Scarvelli who uses traditional techniques to define his style in glamorous eveningwear, corsetry and lingerie. They discuss his influences, dance and the Golden Age and how he learnt French beading and all the high fashion techniques such as French beading.

With a viewing audience of up to 50 million per episode, this popular dating show is a cultural phenomenon. A lone male suitor has to impress a panel of 24 single women, who can then register their interest or disinterest in the man through the use of their podium lights. Popular host Meng Fei oversees the action in front of a large studio audience. Are the women victims of trafficking, or are they exploiting others?

The Crime of the Century - This documentary series provides a unique insight into the challenges facing the police in the 21st century. Filmed using a combination of fixed and handheld cameras, the program follows the officers of the Bedfordshire Police as they go about their daily work.

Tonight, acting sergeant and double amputee Wil Taylor and his team investigate the case of three sex workers. The queens turn the publishing industry on its wig as they launch their own magazines.

With extra special guest judges actress Regina King and country legend Pam Tillis. Until a new couple joins them and new attractions develop - much to Angela's dismay. But what happens when Angela's in control? Roberto's a self-professed womaniser. Despite all the attention he gets, he wants a relationship with a woman who has beautiful eyes and a sense of humour.

Angela hasn't had much luck in love, but it looks like a match made in heaven. After a wild night, nothing seems to stand in the way of love for the two. But when a new couple moves in, new attractions develop - to Angela's dismay. But what will happen when Angela is in control? Mike and Nicole are just not a good match. But nearby on Paradise Beach, a so far unlucky Edwin has high hopes as Mike and Nicole arrive on the beach in search for love.

Photographer Mike loves nature. Flirting isn't his forte, but if he gets a response, he's all in. After years of being single, Mike needs a relationship with a passionate woman. Entrepreneur Nicole got into this naked adventure to conquer her physical insecurities. She's looking for a handsome Adam with a sense of humour. On another island, sparks also aren't flying. There are high expectations as Mike and Nicole arrive at Paradise Beach. Reflecting on personal losses to cancer, Shane Smith explores the world of viral treatments for cancer.

The report delves into the world of measles, the common cold, and HIV as possible cures. Reflecting on personal losses to cancer, Shane Smith goes inside the world's most cutting-edge cancer research labs to follow the pioneering doctors and researchers who are changing the face of modern-day medicine. The program explores the world of viral treatments for cancer and also features some of the cancer survivors who have already been saved by this revolutionary medical breakthrough.

Kevin Abstract returns to Los Angeles after a month on the road. He finishes his Helmet Boy film at the Brockhampton Factory while getting ready for his final show at the Roxy. She brings in six undercover Yelpers who help identify the problems. She brings in six undercover Yelpers who describe problems with the restaurant's food and service. When Monti attempts to address the issues, Franco is resistant as he thinks he knows better. Eventually, Franco abandons the restaurant and Monti is forced to come save the day.

In this special one-hour episode, host Roger Mooking looks back at some of his favourite grilling moments on Man Fire Food from locations both big and small. With her tool kit and favourite staples always at the ready, Audra Morrice embarks on a personal journey as she delves into the rich culture of modern Australian cuisine via her Chinese and Indian roots.

The Pearl Restaurant and Lounge is well established in Atlanta's trendy Castleberry Hill district, but complacency among the staff and changing neighbourhood tastes have owner Dishema scrambling. Enter Monti Carlo, who with the help of elite Yelp reviewers and hidden cameras discovers massive corner cutting in the kitchen and staff taking shots at the bar!

Monti encourages Dishema to nurture her core restaurant business with better service and food prep, while enticing the Castleberry Hill locals with a small plate, lounge-friendly menu addition. Panama - Anthony Bourdain travels Panama, a country that in the modern day, seems to be described simply by 'abundance' and truly embraces crossroad cultures and adapts them for their own. Anthony examines the effects of a land ruled by a former dictator. Some of the best moments so far from Shane Delia's culinary and cultural journey through the wondrous nation of Turkey.

Singapore - Andrew explores Singapore's famous foods. The cuisine illustrates the blend of cultures with dishes like the sweet and savory chili crab, the extravagant fish head curry and the tasty marinated skewered meats known as satay. Some of your favourite moments from Adam Liaw's culinary and cultural journey across Japan. Some of the best moments and recipes from Adam Liaw's culinary and cultural journey through Japan. Hong Kong's seven million residents flock to its many restaurants, street carts, and noodle houses daily, to indulge in everything from dim sum to congee to roast goose.

Indugle in the cuisine that sets Ho Chi Minh City apart, from the city's favourite street food, snails, to the iconic banh mi sandwich. He traces regional cuisine, ingredients and spices that inspire him to make his own Vietnamese-style dishes. Chef Reza Mahammad ventures to the incredibly exotic and utterly compelling Vietnam. Over eight episodes, Reza traces regional cuisine, ingredients and spices that inspire him to make his own Vietnamese-style dishes.

With 1 michelin star, this chef loves to serenade and entertain his guests. As far as world cuisines go, China is the big one. On his first trip, Tony tackles Beijing and Chengdu, squeezing in as much food and culture as humanly possible.

Believe it or not, Tony has never been to China before. So tackling Beijing and Chengdu on his first trip to the country, he decides to squeeze in as much food and culture as humanly possible. From spicy tom yum goong soup and pad Thai to fruity som tam and mango sticky rice, the vibrant flavours of Thailand come to life in every bite. Andrew highlights the thrilling favourites of Bangkok. Ching checks out Tskiji Fish Market, the biggest fish market in the world.

She heads to popular sushi joint, Sushi Kuni, to get a sushi masterclass from owner and Chef Yoshimitsu Kokuba. She then heads to a popular Sushi joint, Sushi Kuni, found just off the market, to get a Sushi masterclass from owner and Chef Yoshimitsu Kokuba. Ching discovers a Sichuan restaurant that's mad about spice, packing fiery heat and big flavours. Later she tries Spicy Crab at a popular local dive. Andrew Zimmern is learning from the locals in Bangkok with the help of two cab drivers. He will meet a famous shoe designer, check out the notorious nightlife and watch the art of Muay Thai fighting.

Your favourite moments from Adam Liaw's journey throughout Japan, from its frozen north, through thecherry-blossomed mainland, and down to the tropical sun-soaked southern islands.

Heavy Lifting - After experiencing discrepancies with their supply of expensive protein supplements, Larissa and Andrew, owners of Protein House in Las Vegas, contact Charles Stiles to investigate. Mystery Diners Andy and Kelli go undercover and discover the real cause of the problem.

In Boston, the joint cranking out Southern staples, like chicken and waffles. In Boston, the funky neighborhood joint cranking out Southern staples, like chicken and waffles and off-the-hook tots. In Carmel, California, Robert Irvine's riding shotgun to check out the cool cafe centered around scratch-made classics, like amped-up biscuits and gravy and brisket chili. And in Superior, the sports bar scoring with classics like house-cured meat pizza and a super special chicken sandwich. Beef is king in this collection of juicy goodness from Man v Food.

Beef is king in this collection of juicy goodness from Man v. Open wide for a dose of Adam Richman's most meaty mouthfuls. He chows down on juicy pork tenderloin and goes head to head with a Red Sox fan in the Eagles Deli Challenge. Open wide for a dose of Adam Richman's most meaty mouthfuls from Man v.

Will New York defeat Boston? Daniel Manata - Food stars and celebrities talk about some of the best meals they've ever eaten. Ever wonder what the biggest food stars and celebrities eat in their free time? Find out in this bitesize series as the stars themselves provide the ultimate guide to Asia's most amazing meals, eats and treats. Where will Anthony Bourdain end up next? Some of the best moments from Luke Nguyen's culinary journey around France, including the country's breathtaking scenery and famous cuisine.

Can they apply their philosophy to a foreign experience? Known for his one-of-a-kind cooking and for distilling the Danish landscape and 'time and place' onto a plate, can Redzepi and his team apply their philosophy to an entirely foreign experience, using ingredients that they've never seen before, all whilst under the intense pressure and scrutiny that comes with running the world's best restaurant?

Lyndey meets some of the more colourful characters behind Australia's modern culinary enterprises. Contrary to the popular stereotype, Lyndey shows that there's more to Irish food than potatoes as she unearths a bounty of fabulous local produce and traditional recipes. From Australia Food Series G.

Tastes Like Chicken - After hearing rumors that customers are being served meat at his vegan restaurant, Mitch, owner of Source in San Francisco, contacts Charles Stiles for help. Mystery Diners Amber and Brianna go undercover and discover what's really being cooked up in the kitchen.

Mystery Diners Hollie and Nate go undercover and discover what the girls are really up to. It's a hot dog topped with coleslaw and french fries from the Seti's Truck in Cleveland. Hosted by Alec Doomadgee, Volumz brings you music and interviews highlighting the best of the Australian Indigenous music scene. The original 80s animation classic that follows a young orphan called Esteban as he searches the New World for both his father and the mysterious Cities of Gold.

The original '80s animation classic that follows a young orphan called Esteban as he searches the New World for both his father and the mysterious Cities of Gold. The kids of Wapos Bay love adventure and their playground is a vast area that's been home to their Cree ancestors for millennia. The social organization, daily life, myths and beliefs of the main cultures of history addressed in a different tone, with touches of humour in a 'close-to-the-kids' language.

Matthew is an average 16 year old, or at least he was. Archived from the original on Radio New Zealand International. Retrieved 15 October New police unit to replace response squad http: Ministry of Internal Affairs. Retrieved 30 July Russian Military Analysis in Russian. Retrieved January 1, The Federal Penal Service. Retrieved 16 October FPS of Russia, Belgorod region.

Archived from the original on 24 March OSN "Grif" memorial page. Russian Politics and Society 4th ed. NCIS director focusing on economic crimes, special response teams".

Retrieved 8 May Retrieved from " https: Lists of law enforcement agencies. Pages with reference errors All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from January Articles with permanently dead external links Webarchive template wayback links Pages with duplicate reference names CS1 uses Russian-language script ru CS1 Russian-language sources ru CS1 maint:

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Black escorts nsa urban New South Wales

Black escorts nsa urban New South Wales

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